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    --->: atatürkün ingilizce-türkçe hayatı

    burada hem ingilizce - hem türkçe hayatı mevcut.

    içeriğinden özet olarak çıkartabilirsiniz.

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    Cevap: atatürkün ingilizce-türkçe hayatı

    Atatürk was born in Selanik in 1881. His father was Ali Rıza Efendi, and his mother was Zübeyde Hanım. His parents called him Mustafa.

    His father , Ali Rıza Efendi died when little Mustafa started primary school, so they moved to another city. They stayed there with his uncle. His worked on his uncle's farm for some time. Then, he went back to Selanik, and started Şemsi Efendi School again. Later, he entered the exam for the Military School and he passed it.

    He was very good at maths in the Militariy School. His maths teacher liked him very much. One day, he said to him "Your name is Mustafa. My name is Mustafa. That's why I'm giving you the name Kemal. Your name is Mustafa Kemal from now on. His name became Mustafa Kemal then. He was very hardworking student. He finished the Military School and joined the army as a young officer. He fought in Çanakkaler Wars. Then, He became the chief commander of the Turkish Independence War. His enemies were Englishes,Frenches, İtalians and Greeks.You see, He saved our country with his friends from the very strong nations of the world. And he overcomed them.

    Then, He invited the all Turkish patriots to Ankara on the "19th of March,1920". He opend the Turkish Grand National Assembly by a religious ceremony on the "23rd of April, 1920".

    Atatürk is founder of the Young Turkish Republic. He founded the Republic of Turkey on the "29th of October, 1923". And he became the first president of the Turkish republic. In 1934 The Turkish Grand National Assembly gave him the surname "Atatürk". Atatürk means the father of Turks in English language.

    He died on the "10th of November, 1938". His mausoleum is in Ankara. Ankara is the capital city of the Turkey. It's in the middle of Turkey. :) :onay: işinize yarar umarım :)

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    Cevap: atatürkün ingilizce-türkçe hayatı

    atam sen çok yaşa

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    çok saol allahrazı olsunnnnn :)

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    cook işime yaradı tsekkurler

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    atam sen çok yaşa ha bu arada bunu kim yazdıysa allah ondan razı olsun

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    teşekkürler performansım için iyi oldu....

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    proje ödevimdi yaaa çok saolll...

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    Teşekkür ederim ödevime yaradı

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    çok işime yarardı ellerinize sağlık

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